Based in New York City, and operating as a multidisciplinary studio practice. Our projects are varied with distinct collaborators and clients. From custom residential furniture commissions to residential and commercial interior design.

Our focus is on people; their connections, their home and their experiences of space and materiality.

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The poetics of material culture is where my interest is focused: a chipped favorite mug, the joinery and materiality of an artifact, a well worn door knob. I search for depth and richness to bring joy, connection and knowledge to all who interface with my work. I believe the designer has a unique responsibility and power. One which should not be taken lightly. I urge us all to not lose sight of where we have come from as we push towards the future. Standing in the present we are responsible for the linking of time. Remember and study the past, understand and reflect on the present, and conceptulize to shape what the future can be.

Currently Professor of Product & Industrial Design
at Parsons the New School for Design