June 2021

Design is for people. Design is communication.

The objects and spaces I create are in service of and in communion with people. They have been conceived to be woven into the routine of daily living. My hope is for them to bring some joy in use or contemplation. My aim is to create work of value beyond the monetary; work which people themselves imbue with value in use overtime. We as designers have a responsibility to make space for connections, contemplation and memory in the material culture we conceive.

In our time – in this epoch – beauty (a jejune kind) seems certainly more determined by the surface of things rather than their depth, structure, and holistic vantage points upon them. I reject this as a narrow way of seeing, imploring us all to look “beyond.” In my practice I ask: How can something be beautiful if it has been created by a system of injustice which prioritizes market value over the earth (resources) and people (craft, time and skill)? If an object will not break down for 1,000 years is it worth creating? The work is created through a vantage point conscientious of the fact that we must each– as designers and consumers–contemplate these questions, answer them for ourselves with the material culture we procure and what pieces we allow to occupy our spaces.